Dinesh Gutha

M.Tech from IIT Madras


Director Message

Begin IIT is established to improve the quality of engineers and doctors which in turn can make the society a better place to live. Begin IIT vision is to improve the quality at Pre-engineer and pre-doctor stage, which helps them to fight the future phases of their career with ease. A student at graduate level is going to learn concepts which are based on the concepts learnt in the previous classes and hence, a student whose foundation is strong at 11th and 12th classes will have his learning process easy and fun at graduate level. To face competitive exams at 12th class with ease and perform well, students foundation should be good in the previous classes. Begin IIT wants to serve the society in improving the students understanding capabilities and depth of understanding at 8th,9th ,10th,11th and 12th grades.

We Make Students think intuitively.
We are known for making very tough problems look very simple.
We teaches concept with such clarity that students can understand easily and can crack competitive exams easily.
We are known for motivating students for best performances and better thought process.
We maintain discipline and guide students for the best careers.